Van Gogh – Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, 1887

In 1888 Van Gogh cut off his left ear, without any suspect that his act would have been recognized after many years as one of the biggest misteries of art.

For many years we have been made the most disparate hypotheses, like a self-punishing act after a fight with the friend Paul Gauguin or an act of unconsciousness due to his madness.

But lately a letter written on December 23, 1888, has been discovered. In the letter, his brother Theo was announcing his wedding. It seems that the artist, that wasn’t selling any paintings at that time, reacted really bad to the news: he was economically dependent on his brother, and he was afraid he was going to miss the financial and psychological support of Theo.

So he had a rage and cut off his own ear with a razor blade.

In his paintings he represent himself with the right year cut off –>


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